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Functions and Responsibilities

  • Date: 2018-11-12
  • Issued by: Water Resources Bureau


    1. Hydraulic Engineering Division: Drainage remediation and environmental creation projects for rivers and their surrounding areas, facility maintenance and management, land acquisition; handling of collection, dissolution and separation of debris from river dredging operations and sales of the possessed debris; engineering and management of water-gate setting operations; other matters related to operations of mobile pumps.


    1. Sewer Construction Divisions: Handling of rainwater sewers and urban drainage facilities, including their engineering, maintenance, and land acquisition of the project sites; construction and operation management of pumping stations and detention pond.


    1. Water Resources Planning Division: planning and improvement of under-ground waterway projects for rivers and regional drainage; hydrology and water resources survey; planning and review of drainage operations; review and issuance of permit/license to river-crossing structures and mapping of drainage systems; drafting of drainage-related regulations.


    1. Water Resources Management Division: review and issuance of permit/license to relocate, cover, and scrap the drainage channels, and add facilities to them as well as plant crops within them; water rights management; administration of Taiwan Joint Irrigation Association; supervision of the registered debris quarrying fields in Taichung City; application and management of debris quarrying; review and issuance of permit/license to the change of land zoning from non-urban land to mining field and its follow-up management; clampdown and punishment of violation of the Clean Water Act and Enforcement Rules for the Sewerage Law.


    1. Disaster Prevention Engineering Divisions: co-ordination of disaster emergency repair projects; construction and maintenance of communication networks, information systems, and base station infrastructure projects; construction and maintenance of monitoring and early warning facilities and projects; maintenance and management of disaster prevention centers; survey and setup of disaster prevention facilities at the flood areas and hazard-causing hillsides; comprehensive research and evaluation and other matters.


    1. Earth Works Division: soil and water conservation and disaster prevention projects for forestry; remediation of streams; road construction and maintenance and disaster restoration projects on the hillsides; and other matters.


    1. Slopes Management Division: general administration of hillsides; review of soil and water conservation plan for the development and utilization of the hillsides; supervision and management of construction projects and investigation, report, clampdown and punishment of violation of the soil and water conservation law, and other matters.


    1. Secretariat: documents, archives, seals, general affairs, procurement, treasury and property management; legal affair services; management of workers and staff under the Labor Standards Law; public relations; press release; and matters not belonging to other divisions and offices.


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