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Commencement of the Inclusive Playground on Luchuan-Fuxing Parkway; Mayor Lu: Establishment of Taiwan's River Rehabilitation Model

Commencement of Luchuan-Fuxing Parkway Inclusive Playground
Commencement of Luchuan-Fuxing Parkway Inclusive Playground
People's desires guide policies. The Luchuan-Xing Da Section was well designed to get rid of parts not approved by the public after full negotiations with the local residents and now the Luchuan Water Environment Improvement Project (the Xingda Section) has been completed. The Taichung City Water Resources Bureau built an inclusive playground near Luchuan on the Fuxing Parkway. Under the theme of "water treatment," the Playground was commenced today for kids through games that were introduced to the treatment process of Luchuan in an informative and recreational way. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen said taking over the task from previous mayors of Taichung, she continuously treated Luchuan in Central and Western District and expanded the treatment construction to the South District. The Water Resources Bureau also planned to build an inclusive playground with plantation and pedestrian walk paths expansion. That plan added extra value and built a river rehabilitation model for cities around Taiwan.
The Bureau held the commencement ceremony for the playground on Fuxing Parkway. While attending the ceremony, Mayor Lu had a picnic with kids on the grassland and played experiential games to understand the wastewater treatment process. Both had great fun and were well informed.
According to Mayor Lu, Luchuan is an important river in the Taichung downtown area and previous mayors before her continuously promoted its treatment project but focused in the Central and Western District. She took over the task and expanded the treatment area to the South District and the Bureau worked on "the integrated five tasks" to treat the river, engage in plantations, expand pedestrian walk paths and add inclusive playground facilities. Meanwhile, the Bureau listened to public opinion and adjusted the site of cobble contact bed treatment facility. The inclusive playground was commenced today to give one additional recreation site to the public. Everyone is welcome to visit and have fun at the site.
Director General of the Water Resources Bureau, Fan Shi-Yi, pointed out that on two sides of the original Fuxing Parkway (from Dongcheng Rd. to Jiancheng Rd.), there is only the plantation of single devil tree species. With the old playground facilities and the lack of traffic route planning, the City Government in the initial planning stage planned it as the site for a cobble contact bed treatment facility but due to the different opinions of the local residents, the City Government decided to relocate the facility site after several rounds of negotiations with the local residents. Devil trees were replaced with the plantation of diverse native tree species and both passenger and bike paths were expanded for the building of the inclusive playground to enhance its recreation function overall.
The inclusive playground includes diverse and friendly facilities in "Luchuan Water Treatment Park" Theme Game Area, Physical Fitness Square, Recreational Grassland and Playground to give easy accesses to kids and the disabled. Everyone of all ages is welcome to enjoy and have fun here in this natural atmosphere.
The "Luchuan Water Treatment Park" Theme Game Area utilizes the on-site cobble contact bed treatment adopted for water quality improvement of Luchuan as the game image. Water babies (kids) played on the slide (symbolizing domestic wastewater) to begin the linear interception adventure. After meeting all sorts of challenges (interception pipelines) and crawling on the cobble stones (cobble contact bed treatment facility), water babies can finally arrive on the slide of the large-scale water treatment and are cleaned before discharging back to the river. Kids were told about the whole treatment process of Luchuan and here is the ideal fun environmental educational site for both parents and kids.
Attendees of today's commencement ceremony included Mayor Lu, Director General of Water Resources Bureau, Fan Shi-Yi, Legislator Huang Kuo-Shu, Councilmen Chiou Hsu-Chen, Lo Ting-Wei, and He Min-Cheng. (1/30*13)* Water Resources Bureau
Contact person: Mr. Hsu at the Taichung City Water Resources Bureau
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 53158

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