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Good Sewage Processing Effectives in Taichung City with a Record High Number over 26,000 Household Treatment Units This Year

Deputy Mayor Huang's Visit to the Result Demonstration Accompanied by Director General Fan
Deputy Mayor Huang's Visit to the Result Demonstration Accompanied by Director General Fan
Taichung City's sewage processing rate by the end of this year increased to 22% with a total number more than 220,000 households. This year alone the number of household sewage processing units reached more than 26,000, creating a historical high record. Deputy Mayor of Taichung, Huang Kuo-Jung, said the Taichung City Government continuously promotes the "Doubling Plan of Household Sewage Processing" and in addition to urban areas, the plan covered rural districts such as Fengyuan, Taiping, and Dali. In the future, the sewage system was planned to be constructed in the designated area of Taichung Harbor, Wuzi, and Guguang to narrow down the urban and rural gap and to reach the goal of inclusion the total number of household unit of 350,000 in Taichung by 2025.
The Taichung City Water Resources Bureau cooperated with the Taiwan Sewage Association today (the 29th) to host the "2020 Symposium on Taiwan Sewage Construction Practices and Sewage equipment Exhibition and Demonstration of Taichung City Water Resources Construction." On behalf of Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen, Deputy Mayor Huang said the sewage system is an important indicator of modernization of a city. The Taichung City Government will continuously work hard to secure sewage construction subsidies from the Central Government in order to improve urban environmental sanitation and reduce river pollution. He also praised the relevant engineers as the unknown heroes who have effectively improved living quality of citizens in Taichung.
President Chiang Li-Ming of the Taiwan Sewage Association stated his appreciation for the organization of this symposium by the Taichung City Government to let citizens in Taichung understand issues related to water resources. He also thought Taichung has the advanced water resources equipment and technologies to make further improvement and to ensure that citizens in Taichung can have better living quality.
Director General of Water Resources Bureau, Fan Shi-Yi, pointed out that the demonstration of water resources construction consists of six themes: Water Environment, Reclaimed Water, Regional Sewage Construction, Sewage System Construction, Disaster Prevention Construction Result, and Water Resources Center and Environmental Education that showcase water resources construction results of Taichung City. Through the symposium, interaction and exchanges between and among the government, the industry, and academia were encouraged. Councilman, Liu Shi-Chou and various advisors of civil affairs attended in today's result demonstration and the representative of Councilman Chen Cheng-Tian also took a part. (12/29*11)* Water Resources Bureau
Contact Person: Vice Engineer Lin of the Taichung City Water Resources Bureau
Contact Telephone Number: 04-22289111 extn. 53803

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