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Active Sewage Treatment and Calling for Joint Protection for Health of Taichung City by the Water Resources Bureau

20210301- Clogged Sewer Cleaning -Photo
20210301- Clogged Sewer Cleaning -Photo
Along with the continuous drainage construction in Taichung City and the increase of sewage services provided, sanitation and quality of household living environment were improved. Until the end of last year (2020), public sewage services provided by the Taichung City Government exceeded 22% reaching more than 220,000 households. The number receiving public sewage services last year (2020) alone exceeded more than 29,000 households, a new historical record.
According to the Bureau, there had been increasing reports of sewer blockage due to hair, leftovers, sanitary napkins, waste oil and sand clogs. Oil clogs, especially, in drain pipes could easily cause problems in daily life such as clogged toilets or drain backflow.
The cooperation of users was required to maximize effectiveness of sewerage, maintain smooth pipes and to avoid discharge of huge amount of oil into the sewers. Restaurant operators, in particular, were requested to install the "oil trap" and clean the device regularly. Citizens were asked not to discharge waste oil, leftovers and debris into sewer. The public was advised to install a filter on drainage pipe and regularly clean the filter to "avoid discharging oil, leftovers and debris and discharge after filtering." After the provision of sewer services, domestic wastewater shall not be directly discharged into the sewers to avoid odor and control pests and to effectively improve environmental sanitation of households. The sewage system shall be maintained and protected by each of us and let us work hand in hand to promote the health of Taichung. (3/1*11)* Water Resources Bureau
Contact person: Ms. Sun at the Taichung City Water Resources Bureau
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 53884
  • Data update: 2021-03-25
  • Publish Date: 2021-03-01
  • Source: Water Resources Bureau
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