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Pre-emptive Preparedness to Respond to Severe Water Scarcity! Use of Mobile RO Systems by the Taichung City Government

20210303- Completed Installation of the Mobile RO System
20210303- Completed Installation of the Mobile RO System
Due to the limited spring rainfall forecast released by the Central Weather Bureau, droughts can become severe. To resolve the water scarcity in Taichung, diverse water resources were added for the public use and mobile reverse osmosis (RO) systems were coming to Taichung. Today (the 2nd), the Water Resources Bureau coordinated with the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to determine the installation sites. Initially, after installation, a daily capacity of 500 tons of water was expected to be provided for the use of industrial cooling.
Director General of the Water Resources Bureau, Fan Shi-Yi, pointed out that Taichung was continuously set to the "orange alert" and all sectors faced water scarcity pressure and in order to increase diversity of water resources and improve the quality of recycled water, the AO-MBR technology was introduced to Shuinan Water Resource Recycle Center to make use of effluents. That technology utilized water for only the secondary household use and treated it via mobile RO systems to improve its quality for the cooling use by several industries including the high-tech ones. Initially, equipment that can provide a daily capacity of 500 tons (equivalent to daily tap water use amount of 2,000 persons) was planned to be installed for the use of industrial cooling at the Shuinan Water Resource Recycle Center in March for water provision in April to relieve water scarcity and reduce inconvenience and economic losses caused by the early stages of water scarcity.
The Bureau further pointed out that due to extreme climate in recent years, droughts have become normal. Water resources have thus become very valuable. The Bureau launched the development program for diverse water resources. In addition to the recycle and re-use project of effluents at the Futian Water Resources Recycle Center which was expected to be completed in 2025 to provide a daily capacity of 58,000 tons of recycled water to the Taichung Port Industrial Park for industrial use, investment in the effluents recycle and re-use project at the Shuinan Water Resources Recycle Center was about to be launched this year with the expectation to provide a daily capacity of 10,000 tons of water for the high-tech companies in the Central Taiwan Science Park. With the feature of stable effluent quality at the water resource recycle centers, industrial development will be ensured to reduce risks posed to high value industries by water scarcity and saved tap water can be allocated for domestic use. By joint allocation of water resources, water resources were shared by citizens and businesses and the win-win-win situation among the government, businesses, and the private sector was created to realize the goal of sustainable use of circular economic water resources. (3/2*6)* The Water Resources Bureau
Contact person: Ms. Yeh at the Taichung City Water Resources Bureau
Contact telephone number: 04-22289111 extn. 53881
  • Data update: 2021-03-25
  • Publish Date: 2021-03-02
  • Source: Water Resources Bureau
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