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Taichung won the most number of evaluation awards in the country Vice Mayor Chen personally praised 15 disaster-resistant communities

Taichung won the number of awards for evaluation is the first in the country -- Vice Mayor Chen personally praised 15 disaster-resistant communities
Taichung won the number of awards for evaluation is the first in the country -- Vice Mayor Chen personally praised 15 disaster-resistant communities
The Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the 2020 national autonomous flood disaster-resistant community evaluation results. Taichung City has 15 award-winning communities in the country, including one seed community, six excellent communities, five first-class communities, and three special contribution awards. The number of awards is the highest in the country, which shows that Taichung City's autonomous flood disaster-resistant community has achieved fruitful results and constant level of high performance. An award ceremony will be held today (Feb 19th) on the occasion of the "First regular meeting of the Taichung City for the three association reports of mobilization, war integration, and disaster prevention in 2021" to commend the 15 exceptional flood disaster-resistant communities. Vice Mayor Zijing Chen personally presented the certificate to thank the outstanding communities for their efforts and contributions to the autonomous disaster prevention.
Shiyi Fan, director of the Water Resource Bureau, pointed out that Qianzhu Village in Wuri District had the honor of being awarded the seed community for three consecutive years. It has been fulfilling the mission of the seed community and leading Huri Village to join the ranks of autonomous disaster prevention. This year, Zhongxing Village, Taiping District has shown diversity and innovation, and held waste tires to simulate walking in water and evacuation and DIG educational training. After winning the excellent community for five consecutive years, it won the honor of the premium community this year. Wufu Village in Wufeng District achieved new highlights this year. They invited immigrant residents to paint floating balls together, and used them to check the water level to understand and study flood control. Wufu Village won the honor of outstanding community. Besides everyday flood control practices, the award-winning communities have also made continuous innovations and breakthroughs in expanding the flood control concepts and strengthening the actual operation.
The Water Resource Bureau further indicated that at present, 67 autonomous flood disaster-resistant communities have been built in Taichung City, with a total of more than 1700 members. In the facing the global climate change, government resources are limited, but people's strength is infinite. To give fully utilize the local flood control capacity, the Water Resource Bureau will continue to provide support in the future to help local governments promote the development of autonomous flood disaster-resistant communities. It will also continue to refine management practices to strengthen the disaster prevention concepts and community disaster response autonomy at the grassroots level. In addition to water conservancy hardware facilities, we also strengthened community flood prevention drills for reducing the impact risk caused by typhoons and heavy rain during the flood season. Last year, the Water Resource Bureau facilitated 33 flood control drills, education and training, and other related activities in the autonomous flood disaster prevention community. It has not only effectively publicized the basic knowledge of disaster prevention, but also strengthened the disaster response capacity of the community. Local grassroots units all expressed their affirmation. (4/19*6)*Water Resources Bureau
Contact person: Miss Liao, the Water Resource Bureau of Taichung City Government
Tel: 04-22289111 ext. 53710

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