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Taichung Grasps 1/5 of Awards in National Flood Disaster Prevention Community Evaluation

Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government has coached 36 communities to form the disaster prevention teams since 2012. Some of the communities participated in the “2014 Disaster Prevention Community Evaluation” program held by the Water Resources Agency of Ministry of Economic Affairs. Among them, 8 communities have grasped one fifth of the prizes from the national contest, in which a total of 68 communities from across Taiwan took part. This brisk performance has encouraged us at the Water Resources Bureau very much. We will work even harder to seek more subsidy from the central government and to coach even more communities to join the ranks.

The 8 winning communities were “Premium Award” winners: Siwei Village (溪尾里) and Chienzhu Village (前竹里)of Wurih District; "Excellence Award" winners: Nanli Village (南里里) of Wurih District, Tuchen Village (塗城里) of Tali District, and Wufu Village (五福里) of Wufeng District; and “First Class Award” winners: Renchen Village (瑞城里) of Tali District, Side Village (四德里)of Wufeng District, and Zhongyi Village (忠義里) of Daya District.

Due to the extreme climate, the chances of flash flood have increased greatly in Taiwan and flood damage has become a lingering nightmare to everyone. To cope with dire situations, the Water Resources Bureau has been actively promoting the concept of “self-help” disaster prevention system to every community. It is hoped to build up disaster prevention capabilities in every community as a basic unit, so that people in the basic unit can help themselves and help each other to reduce disaster losses, said the Water Resources Bureau.

The Water Resources Bureau has also sought funding from the central government this year in a hope to coach more communities to build up their own disaster prevention knowledge and skills. Every community is welcome to join the ranks, added the Water Resources Bureau.(3/6 * 16)

Contact Person: Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government
Tel: 04-22289111 ext.53761
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  • Publish Date: 2015-04-01
  • Source: Water Resources Bureau
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