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Huludun Canal has gone through 3 centuries
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The newly established water education park
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Serving dual purposes of flood detention and recreation, detention basins in the Caohu Disaster Prevention Park in Dali District, Taichung proves effective

Water Resources Bureau
Detention basins in the Caohu Disaster Prevention Park on Dongnan Road in Dali District proves effective.
Recently, a weather front moved through Taichung City, causing short periods of intense rainfall in various districts, with some areas receiving over 134 millimeters of accumulated precipitation. Dali District was also hit by downpours. In the past, the intersection of Dafeng Road and Renhua Road in Dali District frequently experienced flooding. To tackle this issue and protect the safety and property of residents, the Water Resources Bureau of the Taichung City Government invested NT$140 millio...



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