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Shin Kong Water Recycling Center: New Green Landmark in 2018

新光水資源回收中心107年完工 兼具汙水處理問題及都市遊憩綠地功能
新光水資源回收中心107年完工 兼具汙水處理問題及都市遊憩綠地功能
As population grows in Tun districts, so does the domestic wastewater in the areas increase. The Water Resources Bureau has thus decided to build "Shin Kong Water Recycling Center," the first of its kind in the Tun districts. The planning and design phase has been under way. It is expected to start the project construction in March 2016 and to complete and open for operation in 2018. The Center will not only help resolve the problem of urban sewage but will also serve as a recreational green space for visitors.

Located on a land base on Shin Kong Section in Taiping District, the Shin Kong Water Recycling Center is expected to treat 29,000 cubic meters of domestic wastewater every day, equivalent to the amount of domestic sewage produced by 116,000 persons daily. Its service areas will cover Shin Kong region, the neighborhood of National Chin-Yi University of Technology, and the areas north to Zhongping region in Taiping District, said the Water Resources Bureau.

The Shin Kong Water Recycling Center will adopt the MLE processing technology, which can not only remove suspended solids and organic matters from the wastewater but also reduce the nitrogen content in the water, so as to slow down eutrophication and lays the foundations for recycling the effluents in the future.

Situated on a 2.3-hectare land base at the northwest end of Taiping District, the Center is surrounded by the Cheung Shun Sports Park to the north, Section 4 of Hwenzhong East Road to the west, and Tongping Bridge and Hwentai West Road to the south. It is currently designed to divide the plant area into two zones, namely the "Management Center Zone" and the "Processing Plant Zone". It is also planned to set up an ecological pond and landscape trails in in the “Management Center Zone" and the "Management Center," its main building, will be designed as a semi-open space, where visitors can enter through the main gate to the indoor display rooms or walk upstairs via the external staircase to the green roof garden. The Shin Kong Water Recycling Center will become a new landmark featuring ecology, landscape, and recreation in the Tun districts, said the Water Resources Bureau.

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  • Data update: 2018-11-16
  • Publish Date: 2015-04-01
  • Source: Water Resources Bureau
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