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Remediation of Wuci Big Drainage Enhances Water Discharge and Landscaping

梧棲大排整治 大幅提升區域排水功能及景觀美化
梧棲大排整治 大幅提升區域排水功能及景觀美化
To solve the drainage problem in Wuci region, the Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government has already invested NT$14 million on the Daxing Bridge(大興橋) upstream water improvement project, which will be completed before the end of May. Mayor Lin Chia-lung inspected the project on March 15. He also took the opportunity to collect local opinions and pledged to invest more budgets to improve drainage in the areas.

Attending the briefing were Mayor Lin, Deputy Mayor Lin Ling-san (林陵三), Director-general Chou Ting-chang (周廷彰) of Water Resources Bureau, Director-general Liu Yau-Jr (呂曜志) of Economic Development Bureau, Legislator Tsai Qi-chang (蔡其昌), City Councilors Yu Bi-ling (尤碧鈴),Yan Li-min (顏莉敏) and Yang Dian-zhong (楊典忠) and local Village Chief Chen Qi-yi (陳起益). Staff from the Water Resources Bureau pulled up the water gate to show how the drainage system worked.

Director-general Chou Ting-chang of Water Resources Bureau said that the weirs on the upstream of Daxing Bridge were fixed and could not be adjusted, resulting in flooding due the drainage difficulty of the Zhulin South Stream (竹林南溪). Therefore, he decided to change three-quarters of the weirs into vertical water gates, so that they are used not only to discharge the flood when a typhoon hits but also to irrigate during the normal days.

Director-general Chou pointed out that local farmers rely on the water here for irrigation, so the project has been conducted under the premise that irrigation must not be affected and the gates and weirs were completed before the Lunar New Year eve of 2015, so that farmers can use the water here for irrigation during the spring plowing season.

Mayor Lin said that flood control is very important to the sea-line areas, including the Wuci region. He asked all the bureaus and agencies to work together for the flood control projects and try their best to beautify the river banks by green landscaping. He also instructed his colleagues of the city government to communicate with local residents to get their cooperation no matter whether the project is as big as the long-term Nanshan Intercepting Drain project or as small as a short little ditch.

Mayor Lin also pointed out that there were hyacinths all over the Wuci Big Drainage near Shatru Street (下厝街) and Zhonghua Road (中華路) but they were completely removed on March 15. “It is important to keep the river clear of any obstacles to avoid flooding caused by heavy rain,” added Mayor Lin.

Mayor Lin also promised to put aside more budget for the drainage improvement projects. “They must be completed before the flood season. When carrying out the projects, please also take the hydrophilic and landscaping factors into consideration,” said Mayor Lin.

City Councilor Yu Bi-ling pointed out that the Anliang Port (安良港) in Wuci District has suffered from silt sediment problems that the city government is suggested to take remediation action as soon as possible. Xinnun Village chief Chen Qi-yi mentioned that the Wufu Creek (五福圳) often smells very bad, affecting the residential areas near Zhonghua Road and the border of Shalu District. “I hope the city government will rectify the situation soon,” Chen suggested.

Legislator Tsai Qi-chang said that safety is always the first goal in carrying out the renovation projects. “Nevertheless, I hope the relevant units can continue to put in green landscaping elements in any project to enhance the quality of life for people living in Wuci region,” added Tsai.

Director-general Chou Ting-chang of Water Resources Bureau responded that money has been in place for the remediation of Anliang Port; more funds will be raised for the Wuci Big Drainage improvement plan; bad smell from Wufu Creek will be dealt with soon; and silt sediment will be dredged as soon as possible.
  • Data update: 2018-11-16
  • Publish Date: 2015-04-01
  • Source: Water Resources Bureau
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