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The Water Resources Bureau has Completed Interception and Remedied the Flooding of the Minsheng Underpass in the Dajia District

水利局完成截流工程 改善大甲區民生地下道易淹水情形
水利局完成截流工程 改善大甲區民生地下道易淹水情形
The Water Resources Bureau conducted the interception project in order to remedy the flooding of Minsheng underpass in the Dajia District. The box culvert interception facility was completed in 2015 and has successfully drained the surface runoff water on the eastern slope into Houli by turning it onto Kaiyuan Road from Shuiyuan Road Alley 452, Lane 61. In addition to ensuring smooth drainage, it also reduces the risk of flooding in the Minsheng underpass.

The Minsheng underpass in the Dajia District is a meeting point of the mountain and plain terrains. Existing drainage systems became insufficient after the development of Jiahou Road, Shuiyuan Road and their surrounding areas because they it increased surface runoff. This in turn led to water concentrating in the Minsheng underpass, causing numerous floods. This is more than just an inconvenience for pedestrians, for should the water levels rise rapidly during storm season, the resulting flood would be seriously threatening to the safety of pedestrians.

To solve this problem, the Water Resources Bureau constructed rainwater sewage box culverts in the first half of 2015 and completed the box culvert interception facility on December 31. This facility makes leftover surface runoff water flow according to the route planned by the Water Resources Bureau and drains it in Houli.

The Water Resources Bureau says that the construction includes 878 meters of box culverts, 7 manholes, 16 collecting wells, and 67.7 meters of side drain reconstruction and 103 meters of buried concrete pipes with a total cost of NT $40 million. Even though the construction process was complicated, the increased water flow after construction will dramatically reduce the damage caused by storm floods and benefit the local civilians.

In addition, these facilities will act as a regional drainage collection system upon its completion to ensure smooth drainage. Not only will the underpass flooding situation be improved; the facility can also serve as relief during flood season, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and local civilians.

Contact: Water Resources Curing Section, Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government

Contact Number: Mr. Chen 53151
  • Data update: 2018-11-16
  • Publish Date: 2016-03-14
  • Source: Water Resources Bureau
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