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Plum rain weather front is approaching again Taichung city government is in full preparation

Plum rain weather front is approaching again -- Taichung city government is in full readiness
Plum rain weather front is approaching again -- Taichung city government is in full readiness
The weather forecast shows that the approaching weather front and southwest wind on Monday (Feb 21st) may result in moderately heavy rainfall from Tuesday to Wednesday (Feb 22nd to 23rd), and it is prone to short burst of heavy rainfall. The rain will last until Thursday (Feb 24th). Taichung has been preparing and is now ready for the upcoming weather condition. The Water Resource Bureau has completed the relevant flood control preparation and inspection before the flood season, and has implemented the cleaning of drainage channels and streams at all levels to improve flood control safety. If necessary, level three alert response will be set up for emergencies!
Shiyi Fan, director of the Water Resource Bureau, said that the water resources bureau would closely assess the possible impact of the weather front and rain on Taichung. A flood response center will be established as needed to strengthen preparedness and response for disaster prevention and relief, and disaster investigation and reporting mechanism will be activated. In case of flooding, interruption of water and electricity pipelines, and road blocking, they will report and implement the disaster disposal as soon as possible to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.
The Water Resources Bureau pointed out that the city government has prepared sandbags, various models water pumps, and flood defense blocks, and has completed the preparation of pumping stations to cope with the upcoming flood season. Each district office has also established an open contract for an emergency repair that stands available at any time. The Taichung City Smart Flood Control Network has also launched. The Water Resources Bureau will continue to use high-tech equipment such as road flooding sensing, rainwater sewer monitoring, and regional drainage monitoring system equipment, as well as Yanagawa warning broadcasting. It will also utilise the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to obtain first-hand information for analysis and decision-making for emergencies.
The Water Resources Bureau advises that the weather front of this wave of plum rain will affect Taichung until Thursday, and there might be a chance of heavy rainfall, and all citizens need to maintain their sense of crisis. The "Taichung water situation app" is available for download on their mobile phones and tablets to look up the water information of the whole city, such as flooding, mudslide, and shelters. Citizens are welcome to make more use of it. In case of flooding or disaster of water conservancy facilities, please report the situation by calling 1999, in order to facilitate the city government's rapid repair. (6 / 20 * 14) * Water Resources Bureau

Contact person: Water Resources Bureau of Taichung City Government
Tel: 04-22289111

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