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New scenic spots of without having to go abroad Mayor Lu: make Lishui fishing port into a little Greece

Opening ceremony of Longjing drainage and adjacent drainage environment improvement project
Opening ceremony of Longjing drainage and adjacent drainage environment improvement project
Taichung City Government has actively revitalized local tourist attractions and has promoted landscape improvement projects in the century-old Lishui fishing port in Longjing District. Blue and white tones are used to beautify the surrounding corridors and rest areas to create a beautiful Mediterranean landscape. The bicycle path has been extended, and a new bridge has been built across the drainage. Under the influence of the pandemic, citizens can still fly to "Little Greece" at any time and experience the charm of the waterfront after environmental transformation. Mayor Xiuyan Lu says today (Feb 4th) that Lishui Fishing Port is the most popular tourist and wedding hotspot. She welcomes people from all over the world to visit, ride bicycles, and experience the romantic Mediterranean style.
Mayor Lu, who attended the opening ceremony of the Longjing drainage and adjacent drainage environment improvement project today, said that Booking.com, one of the world-famous tourism websites, recently announced the eight emerging tourism destinations in the world in 2022, and Taichung was the only city selected in Taiwan. In addition to the natural landscape, citizens' kindness, and beautiful scenery, the city government has also undertaken a lot of landscape improvement and construction. It includes the "little Greek-style" landscape reconstruction project beside the coastal bicycle lane of Lishui fishing port in Longjing District, which was unveiled today.
"Make Longjing into a little Greece!" Mayor Lu pointed out that Greece is a very romantic place. Many people fly to Greece to get married, creating a lot of tourism value. The city government has carried out landscape improvement projects in Lishui, a century-old fishing port. It includes creating a "little Greek-style" landscape through the use of blue tiles and white walls and decorating bicycle paths with red hearts to symbolize "love in Longjing." This improvement project with costing just under NTD 3 million is only a starting point. The city government will continue to build Longjing and promote its presence!
The Water Resources Bureau explained that the "Longjing drainage and adjacent drainage environment improvement project in Taichung" has a funding of NTD 2.788 million. Along the coastline beside Longjing drainage, the water conservancy facilities are integrated into Greek elements such as white walls and blue tiles, round walls, streets with stone pavement, and pillared buildings. The romantic and beautiful Greek Mediterranean style and 3D painted water conservancy structure actively improve the drainage environment landscape. Bicycle lanes are interconnected so that tourists can stay in scenic spots and enjoy the beauty of the fishing port. The areal will meet people's sightseeing and recreation needs, and develop towards the overall environmental goal of becoming "little Greece."

Shiyi Fan, director of the Water Resource Bureau, Yuqi Han, director of the Bureau of Tourism, Cunjin Wu, director of Department of Land, city councilors including Jiaan Zhang, Qionghua Wu, Mengling Lin, Yanru Dai, Longjing District Executive, and many chiefs of Villages attended the unveiling ceremony of the improvement project today. Representatives from the Limin Yan service office, vice president of Taichung City Council, and Ruzhou Lin service office, city councilor, also attended the event. (11 / 4 * 7) * Water Resources Bureau
Contact person: Mr. Chen, Water Resources Bureau of the Taichung City Government
Tel: 04-22289111 ext. 53158

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