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Accelerating the sewage infrastructure to build a beautiful city!

Back alley upon completion of the sewer connection
Back alley upon completion of the sewer connection

After Taichung City Government launched “Doubling Household-to-Sewer Connection Plan” and “Mandatory Sewer Connection Policy for Back Alleys” in 2019, the Water Resources Bureau then initiated a “Total Sewer Connection Project” near Taichung City Third Market and National Chung Hsing University in accordance with “Sewerage Law” and “Taichung City Guidelines Governing Insufficient Space Capacity for Household-To-Sewer Connection” to accelerate the removal of sewer connection barriers. At the moment, the sewer connection rate of this area has been increased to 94.3% and, based on this framework, the Bureau will continue to accelerate Taichung’s household-to-sewer connection rate to achieve 100% household-to-sewer connection!
The Water Resources Bureau expressed that, during the implementation of household-to-sewer connection project, a few residents refused to cooperate to empty recesses. As such behavior had seriously affected other people’s rights and interests as well as the improvement on environmental hygiene, the Bureau therefore notified Urban Development Bureau to investigate the illegal construction and set a demolition schedule. Afterwards, the Water Resources Bureau’s contractors entered the sites to implement the sewer connection and succeeded in completing the household-to-sewer connection within the City Government’s original improvement deadline. Citizens expressed that it took less than a week to tear down unlawful constructions and complete the sewer connection, showing the City Government’s efforts on minimizing impact on citizens’ life. The City Government will continue to keep the environment tidy and clean with the greatest effort. In addition, as the Yizhong Street – known as the most difficult part of this project – was much less crowded during the pandemic, the City Government took this opportunity to accelerate the progress of sewer connection in order to complete sewer connection in this area with the least impact on local stores.
The Water Resources Bureau further explained that, as household-to-sewer connection is mandatory according to Sewerage Law, penalty related announcements will be made in areas covered by the sewage network. That is, households fail to complete household-to-sewage connection within the prescribed period will be imposed with a penalty of between NT$10,000 and NT$100,000. The Water Resources Bureau will continue to advocate cooperation with the sewage infrastructure building plan to allow domestic waste water to be transported to the water resource recycling center through the sewage network, helping to create a better residential environment. To accelerate the household-to-sewer connection rate, the Bureau also encourages citizens to take initiates to tear down unlawful constructions in order to complete the sewer connection project as early as possible, and to further improve the cityscape and residential environment. (2/13*13) * Water Resources Bureau
Contact person: Mr. Lin, Water Resources Bureau, Taichung City Government
Contact No.: 04-22289111 Ext. 53803

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