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To promote the riverside landscape of Fengyuan, Taichung City is pursuing a NT$310 million forward-looking infrastructure budget to build the mountain village

A diagrammatic sketch of the Ruanpizai Stream Water Environment Improvement Plan
A diagrammatic sketch of the Ruanpizai Stream Water Environment Improvement Plan

To promote the optimization of the riverside landscape and water environment, Taichung City Government is pursuing a NT$150 million budget (including local matching fund and support from the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program) to proceed with the “Taichung City Ruanpizai Stream Water Environment Improvement Project”. This project is expected to be launched at the end of September and be completed in March 2024. The City Government also initiated the “Huludun Canal Water Environment Improvement Plan” (from Sanmin Road to Zhongzheng Road) with a total length of 400 m and a budget of NT$160 million. The City Government has been proactive in improving the water environment of Fengyuan Huludun Park with the aspiration of building a high-quality waterfront space that provides citizens with high accessibility.
The Water Resources Bureau expressed that Ruanpizai Stream passed through Huludun Park, which is the biggest riverside park in Fengyuan. During the Taichung World Flora Exposition period, only Zone 5 was comprehensively improved, whereas other zones only had some improvement on land environment completed, which is not in harmony with Zone 5. These areas also lack trails, and have been equipped with old and low embarkments that are below the flood prevention standards. Therefore, to build a relatively more complete waterfront environment, the City Government has been proactive in striving for a budget to proceed with the improvement project.
The Water Resources Bureau explained that the scope of the Ruanpizai Stream improvement plan started from Section 8 of Fengyuan Boulevard to Fengli Bridget on Sanfeng Road with a total length of 1,500 m. The City Government is seeking a NT$150 million budget to improve the upstream waterfront environment of two sides of Ruanpizai Stream in Zones 2, 3 and 4, and establish a new revetment and embankment walk to fully connect the sidewalks of Huludun Park. The improvement project aims to reach “one object and three effects”. The one object refers to the creation of a waterfront space for leisure activities; and the three effects refer to the improvement of water quality, optimization of waterfront environment and ecological conservation, with the aspiration of improving the water purity, water environment and water safety of Ruanpizai Stream.
The Water Resources Bureau expressed that, upon completion of the project, Ruanpizai Stream would have a safer and more comfortable waterfront environment. Besides, to further activate Huludun Park and to promote a diverse water space, the City Government has been holding fun water sports, such as “Fun Dragon Boat Tug of War and Parent-Child Canoe Competition”, in recent years, hoping to let citizens experience the charm of water sports.
The Water Resources Bureau further expressed that, concerning the “Huludun Canal Water Environment Improvement Plan”, the City Government has not only optimized the content of Phase I, but also activated Phase II of the project. With a total length of 400 m and NT$160 million in budget, Phase II starts from Sanmin Road and ends at Zhongzhen Road. The information plan was also activated last year and completed last June. In total, the City Government held 4 sessions of “Information Classroom”.
Water Resources Bureau pointed out that the Information Classroom had invited scholars and experts – including Adjunct Assistant Professor of Department of Landscape Architecture of Tunhai University Chang Chi-hao, Lecturer of Houfeng Community College Liao Chi-chung, Chairman of Mailiao Culture Association Wu Ming-yi and Chief of Management Section of The 3rd River Management Office Tseng Tsai-i – to deliver keynote speeches. Through these sessions, participants managed to learn about Huludun Canal from an interdisciplinary view, and therefore understand the trends of building a waterfront environment, the Huludun Canal culture, and how local groups initiated local revitalization and public-private collaboration to adopt the waterfront space through water conservancy projects.
The Water Resources Bureau explained that workshops were also organized to facilitate wide discussion between local leaders and citizens on related issues, and to understand people’s thinking using the “Empathy Map”. In addition, during the exhibition of related results, the Bureau also specially invited the local performing group “Cyong Rong Dance Group” to perform “The Dace of Huludun Canal Development Legend”, with the aspiration to promote the development history of Huludun Canal and Fengyuan to the public. Through various methods and discussions with local citizens and NGO representatives, the Bureau succeeded in exchanging opinions on various issues, such as the optimization of the surrounding environment and the planning of recreational sites and parking spaces, with all parties. Most of the participants have expressed their agreement with the Bureau’s proposal and the Phase II design budget has also been approved by the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs. (7/22*16)*Water Resources Bureau
Contact person: Water Resources Bureau, Taichung City Government
Contact No.: 04-22289111

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